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The participation of our country in the US preventive war and in the imperialist aggression against the oppressed countries, and the deterioration of living and working conditions for the majority of Italian popular masses are the two sides of the Italian imperialist bourgeoisie’s Common Program! These two sides are closely linked to each other!

14 January 2008 - Statement
giovedì 31 gennaio 2008.


The government-D’Alema-Prodi-Bertinotti is preparing itself to make the Parliament approve the prolongation of Italian armed forces’ participation in the imperialist war, especially in Afghanistan, Lebanon and the former Yugoslavia, at the end of January. Because of this, for some weeks, Prodi’s circus has had a lot of talk of wage improvements and tax interventions for popular masses’ incomes that yet will be carried out only in the coming months: they want to justify in the eyes of the popular masses the vote that the Bourgeois Left (Party of Communist Refoundation, Party of Italian Communists, Democratic Left and Greens) must give in Parliament in favour of the imperialist war at the end of January. Prodi’s Circus has to make less shameful the next new yielding of the Bourgeois Left to the Right. The government Prodi - D’Alema - Bertinotti confirms to be a government of cheaters.


The participation of our country in the US preventive war and in the imperialist aggression against the oppressed countries, and the deterioration of living and working conditions for the majority of Italian popular masses are the two sides of the Italian imperialist bourgeoisie’s Common Program! These two sides are closely linked to each other!

The Communists have to promote an orientation and a mobilization against the imperialist aggression of the oppressed countries and of the former socialist countries among the workers and the rest of the popular masses, in the most effective way and on the widest scale.

Not a vote, not a penny, no support for the parties that vote in favour of military missions!

Let’s promote unrests and protests against US imperialists and Israeli Zionists, against the Italian military missions abroad, against the Prodi - D’Alema - Bertinotti government, against the government of war, pollution and high cost of living!

Against the Prodi - D’Alema - Bertinotti government, let’s support the resistance the popular masses of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia and of other countries are opposing to the aggression led by US imperialists and Israeli Zionists!

The racist and anti-Islamic campaign fomented by the bourgeois Right, the Fascists and the Vatican is a campaign in support of preventive war and endless war of Bush and his criminals and Zionists’ gang!

Let’s oppose the racist and warmonger campaign by which the imperialists, the Zionists and the Vatican are going to prepare the attack to Iran, Syria, Sudan and other countries!

Let’s support the struggle against the new US base in Vicenza, against the expansion of the base of Sigonella(SR), against the production of F-35 bombers in Cameri(NO), against the participation of the Italian government in the “star shield”, against the use of Italy as a platform for imperialist aggression in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe!

Let’s support and strengthen the Committee No Dal Molin and all groups and movements of resistance to war, to the deterioration of working and wages conditions, to the devastation of the environment!

Let’s protest against the use of armed forces in Campania to reopen dumps and activate incinerators!

No increase in military spending and the rearmament!


On 31 January, the Parliament will vote on refinancing Italian military missions abroad. The Italian armed forces are already directly in Afghanistan, Lebanon, in ex-Yugoslavia and in more than a dozen other countries, together with the armed forces of the main imperialist countries.

Since May 2006, the Prodi’s Circus has distinguished itself from Berlusconi’s gang only because it resorts to swindle on a larger scale: the program it implements it is the same. This is especially true for participation in imperialist aggression in every corner of the world. With Vatican blessing, the Italian bourgeoisie tries to do business in every corner of the world following US imperialists and Israeli Zionists. Participating in war, the D’Alema-Prodi-Bertinotti government tries to earn the gratitude of US imperialists, Vatican and Israeli Zionists. He even validated the law 94 of 2005 made by the Berlusconi-Bossi-Fini government which, in agreement with the USA, guarantees a special military support to Israel. It strengthens the US military bases, particularly the new Dal Molin base in Vicenza. More generally, it tolerates and encourages the use and abuse of Italian territory and military and civilian structures in Italy by the US armed forces. It provides logistical and espionage support to the operations of aggression of the US imperialists to Asia, Middle East and Africa. It collaborates and protects with the State secret the “dirty operations” of kidnapping and torture like that against Abu Omar and torture camps in Guantanamo, Iraq and Afghanistan. Now is preparing itself to vote for refinancing the operations of military aggressions already ongoing and to approve budgets to be applied to future operations, starting from the expansion of intervention in Kosovo and from the upcoming war against Iran.

The Italy is already in seventh place in the world for the level of military spending. The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Prodi - D’Alema - Bertinotti government with the Bush administration to build F-35 Lightning bombers (Cameri - Novara) involves an expenditure of several billion euros. The agreement on the programme of “star shield”, also did with Bush administration, is even more costly.

While the governments of the centre-right and centre-left continue to maintain and extend the presence of Italian armed forces in the world, in the wake of US imperialists and with Vatican blessing, in Italy million workers, and their relatives with them, live in precarious conditions, and working conditions worsen in a growing number of companies, factories, building yards. The announced massacre of the Thyssen-Krupp in Turin will remain a symbol of the exploitation and murder of workers whose capitalists, their authorities and the Vatican are responsible. More than nine million people live below the poverty threshold. In response to this, the Prodi’s government is only chattering and promising, with endless discussions of chambers and commissions, whereas it has just finished to approve a series of measures that have worsened the conditions of workers, pensioners and young people. Now it is having a lot of talk about wages and incomes of the poorest families to be implemented in next months, but funding for war is ready just now: like every bourgeois government of our country, whether right or left it is, it always finds it immediately! And so it has always found money for capitalists and Church.

Participation in war is not only a morally unjust action and an economic damage. It also involves a further deterioration in the level of civilization and democracy in our country. Under the flag of the “struggle to terrorism”, the bourgeois left and right parties are involving Italy in a war of imperialist aggression extending to new zones and countries one year after another, and backfires also Italian popular masses. It is the flag of the “new crusades” under which there deploy conservatives and fake progressives, reactionary and fake democrats, Right and Left bourgeoisie, government and “opposition” of any imperialist regime. It is the flag of reactionary mobilization to which the imperialists and their political representatives, bourgeois intellectuals and clergy sacrifice popular masses’ interests and democratic rights.

Behind this death flag, the regular and irregular mercenaries armies are leaving to bring death, destruction, poverty, disease among the oppressed peoples throughout the world.

Under this banner there are launched discriminatory racist, xenophobic campaigns against the immigrants, the unemployed, the marginalized, the communists and other opponents.

In the wake of imperialist war the antipopular role of the armed forces it’s growing also inside. On 11 January, the Prodi government has appointed the notorious De Gennaro extraordinary commissioner for the waste emergency in Campania. De Gennaro, recently promoted head of the Cabinet of the Interior Minister Giuliano Amato, is already known as head of butcher policemen and carabineers who in Naples and Genoa in 2001 run about the city with the licence to beat the shit out and torture: operation culminated in the slaughterhouses of Raniero barracks in Naples and of Diaz school in Genoa. Well, now just De Gennaro has received permission (and therefore the task) to resort also to the army for imposing the baton order and for making work the pollutants dumps, therefore already closed some time ago. Now the strength of the army is added against the popular masses of Campania, who have opposed themselves to the ruin of their already battered territory, because that of police and carabineers is not enough.

For the war the Prodi - D’Alema - Bertinotti government tramples once more on the Constitution and dupes the role of Parliament as well, with the use of irregular troops. For its military missions it systematically resorts to irregular troops, finances the employment of mercenaries in private military formations and enlisting people that because of misery and despair are available to do anything for a piece of bread. The use of irregular troops actually diminishes the intervention of Parliament in matters of war.

With military interventions abroad, finally the bourgeoisie increases repression in Italy and is preparing itself to civil war. Even in Italy, as in all imperialist countries, the popular masses are subjected on every ground to the bourgeoisie’s attack that eliminates the conquests they have torn up with hard struggles in the past. The popular masses resist in thousand ways this attack and exert on the bourgeoisie growing pressure as it grows Communists and advanced workers’ awareness and their activities for mobilization and organization. To this resistance, the bourgeoisie counters popular masses’ participation in plundering other countries, thus creating further brutishment, misery, despair among them. For this reason, the Italian imperialist bourgeoisie foments any form of reactionary mobilisation, feeds racism and rehabilitates, encourages and subsidizes fascism, the construction of new and recycling of old fascist organizations. With these activities, the bourgeoisie is preparing to civil war as well. The imperialist bourgeoisie knows that it will not be able indefinitely to impose its vexations to the popular masses. It knows that truth will out, and that the more it will do it the bigger will be the work of denounce, propaganda and organization of communists and other opponents. The bourgeoisie is trying to discourage and prevent the resistance and opposition to his regime hitting the most advanced elements among the popular masses and the workers, especially hitting the Communists, and the anti-antifascists that it believes are or may become landmark for the mounting resistance that is going in all ambits. The recourse to repression is a double-edged sword for the bourgeoisie. When it entrusted the survival of its power to repression, it suffered hard defeats. Where it has managed to maintain power, it has had to grant very much to the popular masses mobilized against itself by the communist movement. That is why it always tries to combine repression with confusion, diversion, intoxication and division fomented among the masses. The widespread and systematic use of violence proves and will prove increasingly (as has happened in the past) a dangerous path to the bourgeoisie. But it cannot avoid resorting to repression increasingly, more and more heavily, because it cannot put an end to the suffering that its regime leads to the masses and vexations that it inflicts. It will use it until it may do it. But the Communists’ ability to resist the repression, to continue their guidance work, propaganda, mobilization and organization despite the repression, to promote among the masses popular the resistance to repression makes the repression itself ineffective and feeds the resistance. As it will not be able to deter and stifle resistance, the bourgeoisie is preparing to civil war and make its armed forces in such a position to know how to deal with the clash with the popular masses of his country. The aggression that leads in recent years in the oppressed countries are also useful to select and train torturers more determined to carry on to the end.

That is why the communist movement, as well as to mobilize the masses against the imperialist war, to defend their achievements and to improve wages and living conditions, at the same time has also to mobilise to deal with efficiency and courage the repression and civil war that the bourgeoisie prepares. Not to do so would mean condemning the popular masses in conditions worse than those in which they are forced today and condemn them to another long period of deprivation and spiritual and material suffering similar to that we suffered in the fascist Twenty Years.

Only a mobilization more and more organised and conscious of the popular masses, a growing resistance can effectively face the imperialist bourgeoisie, its governments and its gangs, can reverse the course of things that it imposes to the popular masses of our country.

Only an organized communist movement, and directed by a right conception, can effectively oppose and mobilize an increasingly large part of the popular masses against imperialist bourgeoisie’s Common Program. The resistance and mobilization of the masses will increasingly grow, and it will learn from the experience and correct its mistakes. It will be an increasingly strong resistance. In the countries oppressed and attacked by imperialists such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine and others, this resistance already shows itself heroically. In our country is shown in workers’ struggles against dismissals, for the security in job places, and for wages. It shows in the struggles against US bases, against environmental destruction, against the transformation of the territory in dumps that poison air, water and land.

This resistance is the ground where the communist movement must work to bring orientation, organization, and increasingly effective instruments and methods to combat. It is also the ground where the Communists themselves can learn to play their role, verify the correctness of their line, draw resources and forces to their ranks.

As the mass popular resistance is getting stronger, the communist movement must be the vanguard both in the struggle against the bourgeoisie and in the struggle for exacerbating the contradictions within the bourgeoisie. In particular, it must also rely on the role of the bourgeois Left and feed the clash between it and bourgeois Right, putting the bourgeois Left in front of the alternative: either it makes correspond words to facts or it loses also the support of the popular masses that is left. In short, the communist movement must expose and weaken its role as the shore of the imperialist bourgeoisie.

The support for the resistance that the popular masses opposed to the proceeding of general crisis of bourgeoisie’s order is a fundamental means of struggle against the bourgeoisie and for asserting a right conception of the ongoing process in the class struggle.

The process “attack to conquests - resistance - repression - resistance to repression - civil war” has to overturn in favour of the popular masses: in order to do it, Communists’ intervention is crucial. Every time we get a success we must set ourselves for getting another. Every time we are defeated we must reorganize forces, learn from mistakes and make ourselves able to win the next fight. Wherever there is a yielding to flattery, diversion, division and intoxication, the struggle turns in favour of the bourgeoisie and popular masses’ material and spiritual life further worsens.

With the extension of aggression abroad and the systematic recourse to repression inside, the bourgeoisie therefore leads our country towards civil war. However, this is a war that popular masses can win, the more surely the better they will be prepared, the more from now on they oppose its preparation by the bourgeoisie. The civil war which the bourgeoisie inevitably will resort to, will be as less bloody for the popular masses as more they will be ready to face it. It will be as less bloody as greater will be the contrasts in the bourgeoisie. This means that popular masses’ vanguards, Communists firstly, must take account of this course of events and encourage the process of accumulation of revolutionary forces and of struggle against the bourgeoisie in any way.

The imperialist bourgeoisie foment and prepares the civil war, already today carries out an undeclared war of extermination against the popular masses: it will fall victim of the war it is extending and increasing itself!

Let’s support strongly and by all means oppressed peoples’ resistance against imperialist aggressors!

Every victory of oppressed peoples against their attackers is a victory for the popular masses of the whole world!

Ten, hundreds, thousands Nasiriyah!

The communist movement must head the resistance of oppressed peoples and the resistance that the popular masses of the imperialist countries opposed to their governments and to the masters of their countries.

The dead workers of Turin, as all the dead and injured people at work, are the victims of masters, and of politicians and clergy who support them, of the champions of precariousness who defend their criminal social order: in the name of profit and competition they condemn workers to poverty, precariousness, disease and death!

Nothing of what is happening around us is fatal! The current decay of the world is solely the result of the new deploy of the nature of capitalists who are again free from the laces the communist movement imposed on them!

It is quite possible to put an end to the present course of things and establish a new social order based on common ownership of the means of production and on an economic activity planned and aimed to mankind’s welfare!

Against the undeclared war of extermination the imperialist bourgeoisie is carrying out against the popular masses in our country as in every corner of the world, we must carry forward the revolutionary people’s war until the establishment of socialism and immediately impose again laces on masters like those the communist movement already imposed on them during the first wave of proletarian revolution!

The time is favourable for the rebirth of the conscious and organized communist movement! Let’s make each claiming struggle a school of Communism!

The new Italian Communist Party is doing in Italy what the Communists of other countries are doing in the rest of the world: it is rebuilding a powerful communist movement able to put again an end to capitalists’ freedom and to establish socialism, bearing in mind the experience of the first socialist countries!

Let our struggle join the Resistance in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Somalia that holds in check the mercenaries of imperialist groups and powers, let it join the struggle against imperialists’ encroaching and arrogance carried out in Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia!

Let’s learn from revolutionary people’s war by then in advanced stage in Nepal, the Philippines, India, Peru, Turkey!

Let’s mobilize the most advanced workers for the rebirth of the communist movement and the consolidation and strengthening of the new Italian Communist Party!

Let’s strengthen the central clandestine structure of the (new) Italian Communist Party, multiply the number of Party Committees and improve their running, develop the work on four fronts indicated by the General Plan of Work!

Let’s building in each firm, residence area, and mass organization a clandestine committee of the new Italian Communist Party!